About Company

Shvabe Opto-Electronics (Meizhou) Co., LTD was founded in 2009 as one of the subsidiaries of JSC "PA "Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant", being the part of the "Shvabe" Russian holding company, which is one of the largest enterprises of "Rostech ".

"Shvabe Opto-Electronics" is located in China, in a dynamically developing region - Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City. This city is the world's largest Centre for the production and export of printed circuit boards and microelectronic components.

The company successfully sells components and goods from China, it has established partnerships with proven manufacturers, carries out quality control of products and organizes transport logistics for customers.

The main activities of the company are the supply of printed circuit boards, LEDs, microelectronic components, as well as modules manufactured with surface mounting of electronic components and other products.

The company sells products in several countries and cooperates with partners from China, Russia, CIS countries and the South Asian region, supplying products for the manufacture of lighting products, medical equipment, surveying instruments, optical and laser systems. All products sold are subject to mandatory quality control.

The enterprise is now composed of experienced product consultants, quality development and control engineers, and customer sales managers who will be happy to assist in the selection of the required products, the best price and arrange for prompt delivery at the required address.

China, 514000, Meizhou City, Guangzhou (Meizhou) Industrial Park

+86 (753) 248-68-18

+86 186 7535 7725


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