Pedestrian traffic light DS8-30


Road traffic light is intended for regulation of pedestrians’ movement.

Light-emitting diodes are used as a source of light, application of which allows to decrease power consumption and provide long life time.

Sections of red and green light are combined with two-segment time-reading indicators, intended for informing of road traffic participants about time, left to green and red traffic light signals blackout (colors of digits are used in this case, which correspond to the signal color).

At switching of enable signal on, an image of moving pedestrian is displayed. Animation speed increases in 5 seconds before final time of traffic light enable signal.

Traffic light body is made from shock resistant polymeric material which is resistant to UV radiation.

 Traffic light is manufactured in climatic category “Moderate cold climate”, the 1st category, as per GOST R 52282-2004.


  • It is easy maintainable and serviceable
  • Withstanding of temperature difference without change of lightning properties
  • Absence of phantom effect
  • High energy efficiency
  • Left time indication till traffic light signals blackout
  • Two-segment indicators of time reading
  • Flat body
  • Operation with any types of controllers
  • Long life time


Supply voltage, V
176 - 242
Mains supply frequency, Hz
Power consumption of one segment, W
not more than 15
Axial lightning force
not less than 50 cd
Lightning aperture diameter, mm
Overall dimensions, mm
Weight, kg
Ambient temperature
from -40°С to +60°С
Level of protection
Life time
10 years