Device for artificial ventilation of lungs

Respiratory support for adults and infants (older than 1 year and having weight from 6 kg) in intensive therapy and resuscitation departments.


  • Modular design: operation in stationary or transport modes
  • Operation from built-in storage battery (up to 1 hour)
  • Modern flow source of turbine type allowing to exactly form the tidal front and to dose the volume and pressure prescribed to the patient
  • High sensitive triggers by flow and pressure
  • Hybrid control (sensor and button type)
  • High accuracy flow sensors with correction for gas composition
  • Automatic compensation of leakages

Respiratory comfort 

  • Digital diagrams, loops and trends provide for high informativeness of ventilation process and patient's safety at deviations from preset parameters
  • The modes of assisted ventilation increase the respiratory comfort of patients while keeping physiological aspects of ventilation

Noninvasive ventilation modes 

  • Respiratory breath support in CPAP and BIPAP modes with a possibility to set the upper and lower limits of pressure support
  • The active exhalation valve with electronic pressure allows the patient to breath spontaneously at any level of continuous pressure CPАP (upper/lower)

Technical specifications

General parameters
Range of oxygen dosing
from 0 to 20 l/min
Autonomous power supply
Saving of trends and alarms to memory card
Lungs ventilation modes
Mandatory (CMV)
  • with controlled volume (VCV)
  • with controlled pressure (PCV)
Assisted ventilation (Ass/Cont)
  • pressure support (PSV)
  • synchronized intermittent ventilation with control by pressure / volume and pressure support of spontaneous breaths (vSIMV+PSV and pSIMV+PSV
  • pressure support with automatic maintenance of preset volume (VAPS)
Noninvasive ventilation with spontaneous breath
  • continuous positive pressure in airways (CPAP)
  • two-phase ventilation (BIPAP)
Monitored parameters
Parameters on the monitor screen
  • Volume (VTE)
  • Minute ventilation (Mv)
  • Inspiration: Expiration duration ratio (I:E)
  • Peak pressure (Рреак)
  • Mean pressure (Pmean)
  • Pressure of plateau (Pplat)
  • Pressure at the end of expiration (PEEP)
  • Content of O2 in the inspiration flow (FiO2)
  • Blood saturation with oxygen (SpO2)
  • Content of CO2 in exhaled air (EtCO2)
  • Static compliance (С)
  • Resistance (R)
Curves (with image fixation)
pressure-time; flow-time; flow-volume; volume-pressure; photoplethysmogram; capnogram
Trend intervals of integrated monitor
1; 2; 4; 8; 12 and 24 hours
Overall dimensions and weightа 
Size (WxHxD)
  • device
  • device on pole

360x420x20 mm
620x620x1000 mm
  • device
  • device on pole

7 kg
20 kg
Delivery set
Ventilator device
Breathing circuits for adults (22 mm/22F, 60 and 120 cm), adapter
Moisture accumulator, hose (O2, L= 5 m), air consumption sensor
Module of respiratory mix gas analysis without sampling
Pulse oximetry sensor for adults
Respiratory gas humidifier «Tevlar-01»
Pediatric circuit, adapter
Pulse oximetry sensor for infants
Oxygen balloon
*По желанию потребителя возможна комплектация изделия иными принадлежностями и дополнительным оборудованием