DS7 NЕО Transport traffic lights 

The road traffic lights of DS 7 NEO series are intended for regulation of vehicles and pedestrians flow. The traffic lights comprise components in which is installed the light diode module providing output of traffic lights signals, and also of two- or three-digit values of the traffic lights glow time indicator. As a light source in the traffic lights are used the light emitting diodes that allows to decrease energy consumption and to ensure lasting service life. The traffic lights body is made from shock-resistant polymer material resistant to UV radiation. The traffic lights are made in climatic version UKhL, category 1 as per GOST R 52282-2004.


  • Use of high effective SMD-light diodes and power sources;
  • Animation of pedestrian traffic lights green signal movement;
  • Built-in ip-camera with variable focal distance (by option);
  • Device of pedestrians sound alerting. Programmable loudness level – depending on day of the week, time of the day etc;
  • Quickly removable frame, with possibility of modernization for significant events and state holidays;
  • Possibility to install various sensors – eco monitoring, noise level, quality of air and weather (by option);
  • Withstands temperature difference without change of light technical properties;
  • Absence of phantom effect;
  • Energy saving;
  • Indication of the time left till extinction of the traffic lights signals;
  • Three-digit indicator of time reading;
  • Automatic correction of signal glow time indicator;
  • User friendly mounting and maintenance;
  • Possibility of signal glow time indicator disconnection;
  • Operates with any types of controllers;
  • Lasting service life.

Technical characteristics

Frequency of supply mains50 Hz
Consumed power of traffic lights
– for vehicle traffic lights T.1
– for pedestrian traffic lights Р.2

not more than 25 W
not more than 20 W
Coordinates of signals chromaticity
under ГОСТ 33385-2015
Light axial force
under ГОСТ 33385-2015
Dimensions of working surface
under ГОСТ 33385-2015
Operating temperature
from -40°С to 60°С
Overall dimensions (without brackets)
– for vehicle traffic lights T.1
– for pedestrian traffic lights Р.2

1131х377х247 mm
751х377х247 mm
– for vehicle traffic lights T.1
– for pedestrian traffic lights Р.2

14 kg
9 kg
Protection degree as per ГОСТ 14254-96