Reducing the spread of nosocomial infection due to the antibacterial properties of the material helps to reduce the stay of patients in medical institutions, which in turn reduces the cost of their maintenance

A wide range of accessories allows you to purchase modules gradually, in the process of appearing in them necessary

Correctly organized space and a selected set of functional elements increase the efficiency of work by 20-30%. Thanks to this, a positive image of the medical institution and a high degree of patient loyalty are formed.


The body material is resistant to disinfectants and is absolutely safe. It increases the infectious safety of the environment by 30% and reduces the occurrence of secondary infections in severe patients.

Built-in additional functions (local light, diode illumination, integrated aroma and colour therapy) increase patient comfort and reduce the recovery period by 20%

Due to the material properties, it is not necessary to replace blocks or the entire system as a whole in case of local damage.