Lean production

JSC «Production Association «Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant» named after Mr. E.S. Yalamov»

is a leading science intensive enterprise of Russia being part of «Shvabe» Holding. One of the most important strategic goals of the Association is building of a high effective production system that allows to ensure satisfaction of the customers, competitiveness of the products and efficiency of the business. For these purposes implementation of “Saving production” was launched at the beginning of 2012.

Introduction of saving production allows to obtain:

  • Growth of labor productivity, that is one of the priority tasks of the State program of the Russian Federation «Development of defense-industrial sector»;
  • Increase of the time when equipment in used in serviceable condition;
  • Decrease of the level of uncompleted production;
  • Reduction of the time of production cycle;
  • Increase of the level of staff motivation;
  • Increase of the quality of manufactured products;
  • Decrease of the waste.

All this, finally, is reflected on the growth of the enterprise competitiveness and fixation of the enterprise positions on the markets, and most importantly, – on the increase of consumers and employees satisfaction level.

Basic directions of works for realization of Saving production system at JSC «PA «UOMP»

  • Involvement of employees.
  • Realization of ERP planning and bar coding system.
  • Analysis of interplant and interoperation displacements logistics.
  • Creation and introduction of pilot projects for production optimization.
  • Implementation of 5S system (5 items system) in the departments.
  • Visualization.
  • Standardization.

Condition of saving production implementation by 2017

Currently, the Policy in the field of Saving production is developed and approved at the Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant. The national standards of the Russian Federation of GOST R series “Saving production” are implemented and operate at the enterprise.

Moreover, owing to the work of the Association’s employees for this system development the following measures take place annually:

  • Training of the employees regarding methodology and tools of Saving production.
  • No less than 250 rationalization proposals are submitted.
  • The 100% fulfillment of labor content reduction plan is reached.
  • Technologies of saving production are functioning in the departments, at workplaces and in the whole chain of the Association’s value creation.
  • Identification and traceability of productions are provided due to implemented bar coding system.
  • Planning of the saving production management system development and road mapping of desirable results are under realization.
  • Audit of saving production functioning is carried out.

Owing to implementation of the Saving production management system and permanent improvement of the Production system processes, our Association successfully carries out its activity during organization of production and on the market of the RF defense-industrial sector.