DS 7-26, DS 7-27

DS 7-26 / DS 7-27 Information light section of the traffic lights

The information light sections are to be installed directly under transport traffic lights at an enabling signal of which it is possible to provide for intersection of turning transport vehicles with foot traffics moving on pedestrian crossing according to an enabling signal of pedestrian traffic lights (in accordance with ГОСТ Р 52289-2019). These sections are intended for informing the drivers about stay in the area of intersection of phases of transport and pedestrian traffic lights and, as a consequence, for increase of traffic capacity of intersections due to matching of «green» phases.


  • Component base identical to series DS7 provides for convenience of mounting.
  • Antiglare protective glass and body from shockproof polycarbonate.
  • The high efficiency smd-light diodes are used.
  • Operates with any types of controllers.
  • Brackets of fixation and removable protective visor in the set.

Technical characteristics 

Direction of movement of traffic flows (section modification)
– arrow to the left
– arrow to the right

Power voltage
176-242 V
Mains supply frequency
50 ± 0,5 Hz
Power consumption of one component
not more than 5 W
Axial light intensity
not less than 300 cd
Signal color
Blinking frequency
55-65 blinks per minute
Light axial force
110 cd
Light aperture diameter
300 mm
Overall dimensions (with visor, not taking the bracket into account)
376х376х298 mm
4 kg
Environment protection
from -40°С to +40°С
Protection degree
IP 54
Service life
10 years