Electronic units X-ray control

X-raying control system

Quality control value by non-destructive method is increasing in modern electronic industry due to constant development of products and technological processes. 

X-raying application is an effective mean of hidden technological defects diagnostics, which results in quality and reliability improvement of the manufactured products due to control provision of each soldered joint and integrated circuits integrity.

X-ray control allows to specify and detect the following:

  • Availability and form of fillets;
  • Short-circuit failure;
  • Outputs displacement;
  • Cracks and disruptions;
  • Availability and percentage of cavities in soldered joints;
  • Mounting quality of electronic components in bodies BGA, Flip Chip, CSP, LGA, QFN.

According to the X-ray control, the customer is provided with:

  • Conclusion about results (report);
  • X-ray pictures.