Company History

It's no secret that China has long been the main production site of the planet. The Chinese market is not only the largest one in the supply of materials, parts and finished products, but it is also one of the largest consumer markets in the world.

Interest in the Chinese market was also shown by the JSC "PA "Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant" (Russia) head enterprise. Thus, in order to expand the geographical distribution of products, to provide the necessary materials and components produced in Russia, a subsidiary company - UOMZ (Meizhou) Co., LTD (now Shvabe Opto-Electronics) was established on March 19, 2009 ((Meizhou) Co, Ltd.)

Over the course of several months, the company was equipped with all the necessary equipment and personneling for its own activities and export deliveries.

The first products of the company included geodetic instruments, optical parts, chassis parts, circuit boards and microelectronic components. However, with regard to the mainstreaming of energy efficiency and the development of LED technologies, in 2011 the company shifted to the supply of LED lamps for interior and street lighting. Over the period from 2011 to the present, the company has sold more than 100,000 lighting units.

In parallel with the increase in demand for LED products, in the period 2011-2013 the company confidently increased sales volumes, expanded the range of products and partner network.

In December 2013, within the framework of the creation of a unified Shvabe Group, UOMZ (Meizhou) Co., LTD makes rebranding and enters the market with a new name - Shvabe Opto-Electronics (Meizhou) Co., LTD.

The new company name is derived from the name of the Fedor Schvabe, a famous businessman who opened a trading firm and a workshop on the sale and manufacture of optical appliances in 1837 in Russia, in Moscow, which over time has transformed into a large Russian Shvabe Group.

Currently, the main activities of Shvabe Opto-Electronics are the supply of printed circuit boards, LEDs, microelectronic components, as well as modules manufactured with surface mounting of electronic components and other products.

 The company has a coherent team of qualified professionals in the design of printed circuit boards, the selection of electronic components, the organization of supplies and sales, which makes the company confident in developing and opening up new markets and opportunities.

China, 514000, Meizhou City, Guangzhou (Meizhou) Industrial Park

+86 (753) 248-68-18

+86 186 7535 7725

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