Production of patterns from stainless steel for soldering paste coating

Laser system

Laser-beam cutting of patterns is the most modern, technically perfect and quick method of patterns production. The laser-beam cutting method allows to produce patterns of any difficulty with apertures of very small size, high accuracy and in full correspondence with designer’s technical requirement.

Apertures will be produced exactly as they are provided in CAD system and the designer has no necessity to calculate tolerances for “overpickling” and production inaccuracy as it has to be done at patterns production by means of pickling treatment or electroforming. As a result you will receive the pattern you wish.

Products benefits

Patterns from stainless steel have little degree of wearing capacity, smooth polished surface and they do not require additional mechanical treatment before operation, including their small degree of stretching. Due to the above-mentioned they do not change their form, apertures picture does not deform even after tens of thousands printing cycles, so it makes patterns almost eternal.

Patterns, produced by laser-beam cutting, provide high accuracy of apertures (±0,005 mm), allow to apply accurate proportion of soldering paste on board termination pads, and can be applied for mounting of any printed circuit boards, for components mounting with leads pitch within 0,3-0,4 mm and less, with typical sizes 01005 and micro-BGA.

Possibilities of the equipment

Laser system is applied for thin material layers treatment and metal patterns production, which are suitable (especially those with small pitch) for soldering paste and glues coating for surface mounting.

Installation is equipped with laser and optical systems fixed on a transportable frame.

  • Resolution  0.5 μm
  • Accuracy of positioning over the whole operating area +/- 10 μm
  • Cutting speed 1 – 50 mm/s

Manufactured products characteristics

specialized stainless steel with thickness  120, 150 and 200 μm
Typical sizes
300х300, 400х500, 600х600, 600х800
Period of production
Within 2 working days (day of order acceptance and delivery time are not considered)
individually calculated

Requirements for patterns production

The following pattern is considered to be ready for cutting:

  • Sent as Gerber-file (view from the side of blade),
  • Pattern which contains apertures, frame, alignment marks and engraving (if required), and there is nothing required to change.
  • It is necessary to provide apetrures amount in a project.

 It is possible to manufacture non-profile products by means of laser-beam cutting (to be separately approved).