Medical services

Currently, the medical unit offers services and consultations of a therapist, ophthalmologist, gynecologist, urologist, surgeon, dentist, dermatologist, psychotherapist, and other specialists. Modern medical equipment can provide patients with quality services.

Another important area of the medical unit activities is the provision of preventive medical examinations, as well as measures for the prevention and early detection of diseases.

License for realization of medical activity.pdf

Administration of the medical unit of JSC "PA "UOMP"

Zaykova Tatyana Vyacheslavovna

Head Physician

Salmina Valentina Nikolaevna

Deputy Head Physician

Gorelova Vera Mikhailovna

Head of Therapeutical Department

Kosolapova Ekaterina Gennadievna

Head of Organizational and Methodical Cabinet

Addresses and telephone numbers of state control bodies

Ministry of Health of Sverdlovsk region

36b, Vaynera St., Ekaterinburg, 620014

 [email protected]

 +7 (343) 270-18-18 - Reception Department of the MH SR

Interdepartmental Contact Centre "Zdorov'ye zhiteley Srednego Urala"

 +7 (343) 385-06-00

 8 800-1000-153 (free federal number)

Territorial Fund of Compulsory Medical Insurance of Sverdlovsk Region

54, Moscovskaya St., 620102, Ekaterinburg.

 +7 (343) 362-90-25 (on the protection of the rights of the insured persons)

 [email protected]

Municipal Institution "Ekaterinburg Municipal Consumer Protection centre"

31a Malysheva St., 620014, Ekaterinburg

 +7 (343) 354-55-82

 +7 (343) 371-13-16 (autoinformator)

Federal Service for Supervision in Health Care

Information of Roszdravnadzor:
 +7 (495) 698-45-38
 +7 (499) 578-02-30

 +7 (495) 624-80-90

4 Slavyanskaya Square, building 1, Moscow 109074

 [email protected]