Light diode mountable lamps 

The light diode lamps being in compliance with all requirements set to modern illumination of educational institutions and hospitals.

The lamps are intended for internal illumination and creation of comfort lighting in hospitals, schools, kindergartens. They are installed in suspended ceilings of armstrong and griliato type


  • Approved to be used in hospitals and educational institutions
  • Low pulsation and absence of blinding effect
  • Universal mounting in armstrong ceilings
  • Increased service life and expended guarantee time

Technical characteristics

Power voltage220+10%-20%V
Consumed power31-36 W
Degree of protection under GOSТ R 60598-1-2003IP40 (option up to IP54)
Class of protection from electrical shock under GOSТ R 60598-1-2003
Climatic version under GOSТ15150-69
Environmental temperature range
from -10 oС to +40 oС
Relative humidity of air at t=25 oС45-80%
Correlated color temperature
Light flux
3327-4600 lm
Luminous efficiency
not less than 105 lm/W
Color transfer index
not less than 60
Coefficient of emission pulsation
not more than 2%
Overall brightness
not more than 5000 cd/m2
Non uniformity of brightness
not more than 10:1
Type of light intensity curve under GOSТ 17677-82
3 kg
Overall dimensions
595×595×40 mm
Service life
10 years
Guarantee time
5 years
Emergency supply unit (option)
3 hours