Sensorex Medical pulse oximeter 

Intended for non invasive measurement of the degree of haemoglobin saturation with oxygen (SpO2) and the pulse rate (PR) and also for evaluation of the perfusion index (PI). The pulse oximeter is intended for the patients of any age to be used under domestic conditions and also in various departments of hospitals and clinics (therapeutic, surgical wards, intensive therapy and resuscitation wards etc).



  • compact and light device
  • indicators clearly visible even at bright day light
  • lasting operation of the device without power mains
  • intuitive control and adjustment of the device using the buttons
  • automatic sound signalization at deviation of the measurements results from the preset value
  • universal use: in medical institutions, ambulance medical aid, under home conditions

Autonomous operation 

  • Operation from built-in storage batteries or from power supply mains
  • With sudden disconnection of external power supply the device shall automatically change for operation from built-in storage battery saving all settings and data about the patient

Synchronization with computer 

  • The patient's measurements data are stored in nonvolatile memory
  • The data export to PC when connecting the device to personal computer (PC) for viewing analysis and trends analysis and delivery to print-out, for fine adjustment of the device

Pulseoximetry sensor 

The sensor is intended for continuous non invasive functional monitoring of arteries saturation with oxygen (SpO2) and patients’ pulse rate when used together with compatible patient’s monitor or pulseoximetry device.

  • The sensor is intended to be used only with compatible patient’s monitors or pulseoximetry devices, incompatible components may result in degradation of characteristics.
  • The sensors and compatible devices should correspond to IEC 60601-1 standard.
  • The medical pulseoximeter Sensorex is completed with the sensor.

Technical characteristics

Параметры пульсоксиметра 
Measurement of degree of blood saturation with oxygen (SpO2)
from 60 to 100 %
Measurement of pulse rate (PR)
from 30 to 300 beats/min
Evaluation of perfusion index (PI)
available, light diode scale
Absolute error of SpO2 measurement:
  • in the range of values (from 90 to 100%)
  • in the range of values (from 60 to 89%)
not more than ±2 %;
not more than ±3 %.
Maximum error of pulse rate (PR) measurement:
  • in the range of values (from 25 to 99) min -1
  • in the range of values (from 100 to 220) min-1
not more than ±1 min -1
not more than ±2 min -1
Display of SpO2, PR values
on the seven-segments indicators, continuously
Display of parameters in graphic representation
when connecting to PC
Signalization at deviation of pulse rate upper and lower of limits of the present limit of alarm signalization actuation
Signalization at decrease of SpO2 lower than the preset limit of alarm signalization actuation
Power supply parameters
Supply from built-in storage batteryavailable
Time of continuous operation of pulse oximeter with power supply from built-in storage batterynot less than 8 hrs
Consumed powernot more than 10 W
Voltage and frequency of power mains(220±22)V, 60 Hz
(110±11)V, 50 Hz
Life time
Average life timenot less than 3 years
Mean resource of storage battery2 years / 300 cycles charge - discharge
Delivery set
Pulse oximeter
USB cableBasic
Power adapterBasic
Protective hood for pulse oximeter to prevent from moisture and dust penetrationUpon the Customer's request
Reusable pulse oximetry sensors for adults and infantsUpon the Customer's request
*At the request of the customer, it is possible to complecte the product with other accessories
Software for viewing patient data stored in the pulse oximeter (Download)