MIM-340 Laser microscope with a long-running object table


A device controlled from a personal computer designed to conduct non-contact non-destructive studies of submicron structures with a nanometer resolution in the field of materials science and determining their location on the scale of the entire material science sample with nanometer accuracy. It is a powerful tool for solving a wide range of problems in electronics, materials science, optical production, metrology, biomedical research.


  • Optical microscope with an outstanding lateral resolution, allowing to explore 3D images of dynamic objects in real time with an order of magnitude superior to the best optical microscopes.
  • The sample preparation process does not require painting and fixing.
  • Possibility of visualization of optically anisotropic microstructure regions of less than 100 nm in size;
  • The possibility of recording nanodynamics and nanomovie recording
  • High speed of response
  • Non-contact measurements and minimum laser exposure
  • No need to calibrate the instrument
  • Possibility of examining coated samples

Areas of use

  • Analysis of the living blood cells morphology
  • Express diagnostics of autoimmune disorders
  • New methods for assessing the biocompatibility of materials and coatings
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of antitumor drugs
  • Interaction of nanoparticles with cells and Interaction of cells with artificial materials
  • Determination of the viability of spores of pathogenic fungi.

Technical characteristics of the optical system of the MIM laser microscope

Optical resolution in the lateral plane (X, Y), nm


Vertical resolution (Z), nm


Vertical measuring range (Z) μm


Field of view (X, Y), μm


Noise level, nm


Measurement time, s


Frame size, pix.


Light sources
laser, nm


white LED


Technical characteristics of a long-stroke subject table

Length of stroke (X - Y - Z), mm


Travel speed, mm / s


Positioning accuracy, nm


Repeatability, nm


Unstraightness of movement, nm


Carrying capacity, kg


PC specifications

System unit
- Intel Core13 540 (Clarkdale, 3,06 GHz, 4 Mb, LGA 1156)
- RAM – DDR32048 Mb (рс-10660) 1333 MHz
- HDD: 500 Gb (SATA II)
- Video card 1Gb ATI 5550
- Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Premium Edition
Monitor (2 pcs)
- Matrix type: TN
- Screen: 20” (50.8 cm) 1600х900
- Response time – 5 ms