OFN-02 and OFN-03

Neonatal phototherapy irradiator OFN-02 and OFN-03

Reduce the treatment time for newborns with jaundice. Reduce the percentage of diseases and complications associated with hyperbilirubinemia.
It is convenient to place products of the OFN range in wards with limited free space. .


  • light, compact and mobile
  • meets the requirements of methodological recommendations of the Russian Association of Perinatal Medicine Specialists
  • light source: high-brightness LEDs of high radiation intensity with a service life of 50,000 hoursв
  • pole height adjustment, inclination and rotation of the irradiator in different planes
  • noiseless operation of the product


  • Convenient placement on the pole or on incubator cupola with non-slip feet
  • Availability of the CLOCK (direct countdown) and TIMER (countdown) modes*
  • Record of total operation time (operating time) with data output to the display*

*functions in the OFN-03 model


  • Setting the radiation intensity:
    - average level (for newborns 35 weeks of gestation or ≤1000 g)
    - maximum level
  • 3-level intelligent safety system:*
    - sound signal
    - light signal
    - automatic switching-off when the irradiator overheats

Technical specifications

General parameters
Overall dimensions:
  • pole
  • irradiator without pole

1523x698x575 mm
308x308x68 mm

1523x698x575 mm
310x310x70 mm
  • irradiator with pole/illuminator
  • irradiator without pole

10,5 kg/1,8 kg
1,2 kg

9 kg/2,3 kg
2 kg
Changing the height of the heater module location
350 mm
Angles of rotation of the illuminator on the pole stud (around horizontal axis)
Sound and light signal
Average service life
5 years
Operating modes
According to the phototherapy time
CLOCK (direct countdown)
TIMER (countdown)
Phototherapy parameters
Radiation source
24 high-brightness LEDs
18 high-brightness LEDs
Spectral range of light radiation
430-530 nm
Spectral density of radiation power:
  • maximumя
  • mean
at a distance of 460 mm from protective glass
not less than 40 mcW/cm2nm
not less than 20 mcW/cm2nm
Duration of one phototherapy cycle:
  • in CLOCK mode
  • in TIMER mode
not less than 72 h 00 min
not less than 72 h 00 min
Continuous operation time
not less than 72 h
Efficient irradiation area
300x220 mm
Power supply sources 
Mains voltage and frequency
220/230 V, 50±0,5 Hz
98-242 V, 50±0,5 Hz
Power consumption
30 V·A
50 V·A
Delivery set
Eye protection during phototherapy (glasses)
Digital weekly timer
*По требованию заказчика возможна комплектация изделия другими принадлежностями