Research and Development

JSC "PA "UOMP” is a modern high-tech enterprise for the development and production of optoelectronic systems for various purposes, as well as medical equipment, lighting technique, geodetic instruments, and various measuring equipment.

One of the newest developments is the MIM-340 unique laser measuring and information complex, developed using the technology of modulation interference microscopy (resolution - up to 0.1 nm in vertical (Z axis) and up to 10 nm in the XY plane). The device is one of the best microscopes in the world and has a wide range of applications from medicine to precision engineering, the optical industry, materials science and the aerospace industry.

CCTV system with built-in camera for the IDN-03 incubator, which makes it possible to observe the child not only by a nurse at the control room, but also by parents via the Internet; ODN-01 mattress for heating newborns  in joint wards, which  reliably protects the child from a sudden drop in temperature or hyperthermia; "BiliFlex" soft mattress made of fibrooptic fiber, which allows treating jaundice in newborns, both in hospital and at home; the APDN-01 highly effective device for supporting the breathing of newborns APDN-01 for generic rooms and intensive care units that does not require power;  AIVL-1 reliable and ergonomic universal device for artificial ventilation, operating both in stationary and portable modes.

UOMZ has developed a product line (lamps, road signs, information signs and other devices) with the use of Light emitting diodes, allowing to achieve a significant reduction in energy consumption and maintenance costs. In parallel, the production of lighting devices based on highly efficient light-emitting phosphors manufactured using nanotechnology is also developing. In comparison with products based on light-emitting LEDs, they have high radiating characteristics, long service life and competitive cost.

UOMZ conducts research and developmental to create an innovative ultra-thin street lamp with an effective heat dissipation. A promising area for UOMZ in the field of lighting technology is the creation of solar-powered devices. Developments in this field, such as designer landscape lighting, traffic management in emergency sections of roads, non-electrified routes, household and street lighting will be an ideal solution for regions with high insulation and in areas without electrical communications.

A high rate of innovation in the enterprise is the availability of new scientific and technological advances. Over the past two years, the UOMZ intellectual property portfolio has increased by almost 300 units and now has about 800 items, including patents and know-hows. In addition, more than 1,600 rationalization proposals have been registered.

Foreign patenting is actively pursued: in 2014, 12 foreign patents were already obtained to protect the development of the enterprise in CIS countries, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the European Union.