About Company

The Joint-Stock Company «Production Association «Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant» named after E.S. Yalamov» (Ekaterinburg city) is one of the key organizations of «Shvabe» Holding being a member of «Rostekh» State Corporation.

Today, JSC «PA «UOMP» is a dynamically developing enterprise of optical engineering, modern science intensive production having wide possibilities for creation of high technological products from development to sales and after-sales support. The developed service-sales network includes 7 affiliates in Russia and 3 affiliates abroad – in Switzerland, China and Belarus.

UOMP has its own design bureau with affiliates in large scientific centers of Russia – Moscow, St-Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Riazan. The staff of researchers and designers is more than 400 persons, including 3 doctors and 23 candidates of science.

The enterprise carries out innovative activity for creation of the new and modernization of the wide line of special and civil purpose products.

The plant is awarded with prizes and gratitudes for the achievement of high results and contribution in development of optical industry of the country. In 2004, 2010 and 2018 years the Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant was awarded with a Prize of the government of the Russian Federation in the field of quality.

Civil products

Successfully realizing the state diversification policy of the Defense-and-Industry Complex, UOMP annually increases the part of civil purpose products, including medical equipment, light equipment, devices for geodesy and optical measurements, security systems. Our target guidelines – achievement of the part of civil products in the revenue up to 50% by 2025 year.

JSC «PA «UOMP» develops and manufactures a wide range of medical equipment, including neonatal equipment for care and treatment of neonates weighing from 500 grams and also resuscitation equipment and devices for respiratory support of patients.

The line of lamp signaling and light equipment includes traffic lights with various options (time reading indicator, pointer, signal for hearing-impaired persons and others), light diode traffic lights and street indicators, street, domestic and office lamps, lamps for housing and communal services and architectural lighting.

The geodetic products of UOMP alongside with optical-electronic instruments include the newest satellite equipment that allows to carry out high accuracy geodesic survey without binding to the line of sight. The new promising direction – security systems: interactive information terminals, distance meter for rolling stocks, position sensors, systems of video monitoring and access control and others.

UOMP has successful examples of products localization via cooperation with foreign companies: SLE Limited (Great Britain), Mediana Co Ltd. (South Korea).

12 medical products of UOMP have certificates of European quality CE under Directive of European Union 93/42/ЕЕС.

Geography of presence

The products of the enterprise are in demand on domestic and international markets. In 2020 the medical equipment was supplied for the first time to the hospitals of Oman, Ghana, Surinam and Slovenia, and also there were started regulars supplies of satellite geodetic equipment to the market of Kirghizia. The geography of supplies covers 39 countries of the world, including Singapore, Malaysia, Iraq, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Poland, Israel, Pakistan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Palestine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizia, Belarus, Moldova and others.

All over the world on the basis of exclusive distributors there is created a reliable network of service maintenance of medical products and education of specialists how to operate with them.

Complex projects

JSC «PA «UOMP» participates in realization of 9 national projects: «Zdravookhranenie», «Safe and quality motorroads», «Digital economic», «Accommodation and urban environment», «International cooperation and export», «Labor productivity and employment support», «Science», «Education», «Demography».

Medical equipment of JSC «PA «UOMP» is installed practically in every medical and obstetric institution of the Russian Federation and also in the clinics of Europe and South-East Asia. In the frames of complex equipping of perinatal centers in 2016-2018 years the plant supplied more than 9 thousands units of equipment for care of neonates.

In 2020 in order to struggle against Covid-19 more than 40 000 units of respiratory equipment, including anesthetic respiratory machines with lungs artificial ventilation function, respiratory gas humidifiers UDS-Tevlar for ventilators, oxygen preparation units were supplied to medical institutions.

The enterprise successfully implements the projects of complex fitting the objects of road-and-traffic network, urban environment and various types of rooms with lighting and lamp signaling equipment.

In the frames of the program «Light city Nizhniy Tagil» the enterprise implements the contract of life cycle of Nizhniy Tagil city (2015-2042 years) under complex of works for projecting, construction and technical maintenance of the urban external lighting system.

In the frames of the program «Intelligent Moscow city» realization there were supplied more than 7 000 light diode lamps and traffic lights.

One of the affiliates of JSC «PA «UOMP» implements the five years contract (2018-2023 years) for servicing of intellectual transport system of Moscow as to provide trouble free functioning of intellectual transport system.