Services and Costs

List of types of tests conducted in the testing laboratory

  • Effects of average temperature
  • Exposure to high humidity
  • Effect of increased air (gas) pressure
  • Exposure to rapid change in pressure (takeoff)
  • Exposure to sand and dust
  • Air tightness
  • Impact of atmospheric precipitation (rain)
  • Exposure to vibration
  • Impact of mechanical shocks
  • Resistance to linear acceleration
  • Dielectric strength

The cost of testing is calculated individually, depending on the characteristics of the product and the required test modes.

Regulatory documents used

  • For periodic tests, the technical conditions for the products tested.
  • In the case of standard tests, test programs, GOSTs, OSTs.
  • In the preliminary testing of prototypes of products - the program - the methodology and the draft specifications
  • In case of acceptance testing, the technical conditions.
  • Programs and techniques when working out prototypes of products.