Our advantages

The modern foundry facility is in the Centre of the city. You can easily find and reach us.

Investment casting site.

The potential of the investment casting site is 50 tons / year of suitable casting of a complex configuration with a maximum overall dimension of 1,100 mm, the configuration restrictions are practically absent.

The site is automated and equipped with new equipment; 3 extrusion machines, a robotic coating line, a boilerclave for stamping the model composition, and a ceramic removal plant have been launched.

Injection Casting Site

The site is capable of producing large-scale lots of high-precision castings with high productivity (50-500 castings per shift on one casting machine, 200 tons / year of suitable casting). There are restrictions on the castings configuration.

The following equipment was introduced and launched at the site: 4 injection casting machines with a horizontal pressing chamber with a maximum locking force of up to 6,000 kN, 4 smelting furnaces with an automatic dosing and metal feeding device.

Thermal Vacuum Forming Site

The equipment for the thermovacuum molding technology was successfully introduced and launched on the site: thermal molding machine and milling robotic complex.

Manufacturing of parts from sheet plastics (from 0,3mm) for serial production of medical equipment, lighting and geodesy.

Manufacturing of equipment for foundry production.

Laser Synthesis Laboratory

3D printing on industrial selective laser sintering plants, polyamide material (functional prototypes, parts, master models), polystyrene material (burnt models for casting), maximum dimensions 750х410х550mm.

3D-printing using photopolymer with the MultiJetDeposition technology, the maximum dimensions - 350x350x200mm.

Site of molding in silicone molds.

The technology of vacuum casting in silicone molds is applied for low-volume production of plastic parts. In addition, it is possible to refine the technology for the production of low-series wax models.

Plastics processing site

The technology is used for series and large-series production of castings from polyamide, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, etc.

Injection molding machines with a maximum locking force of up to 5000 kN were introduced and launched on the site.

NDT Laboratory

Determination of the chemical composition of all alloys used in the enterprise.

Determination of the presence of internal defects in the parts (pores, shells larger than 0.1 mm).

Measurement of any geometric dimensions (up to 900 mm) of castings of serial parts according to the drawing (with an accuracy of 0.05 mm).