Information stela with emergency communication 

The information stela INES4 is intended for arrangement of communication with emergency services, static and interactive informing of citizens. It is used in urban infrastructure as to increase safety and information awareness of citizens.


The application software allows to install a wide range of program products for the customer’s needs: interactive navigation (map, routes), information desk, city poster, places of interest, taxi call, replenishment of transport cards, photographic survey and others.


  • Bidirectional audio connection with operators of emergency services (built-in loudspeakers and microphone)
  • High sensitive touch screen with quick response
  • High contrast of images and information graphic
  • Automatic change of brightness of screen lighting depending on illumination level
  • Provision with actual information: interactive map, places of interest, objects of urban infrastructure
  • Possibility of interactive information, advertisement and notifications demonstration
  • Access of mobile devices to «Internet» network (point of access Wi–Fi) with SMS-authorization
  • Universal charging station for mobile devices
  • Automatic change of brightness of static navigation unit lighting depending on illumination level
  • Full-color RGB–panels for output of information about approaching transport, weather conditions in the current point of geo position, time and date
  • Availability of two video cameras for full observation of entourage
  • Built-in conditioning system and heating system provide stability of operation with drop of environmental temperatures
  • The information stela INES4 can be placed both separately and in the composition of station complex
  • Possibility of additional modules (scanner, thermal printer etc) installation

Application software possibilities 

The User’s interface comprises the following sections:

  • Poster (Main screen)
  • Hotels and residence buildings
  • Where to eat
  • Navigation
  • Call of taxi
  • Emergency call
  • Weather
  • Date and time

Administrator’s interface (remote АРМ) comprises the following sections:

  • Monitoring
  • Content–manager
  • Statistics
  • Settings of interface and sub-systems

Possibility to output information messages on touch screen of advertising, service (for the time of technical works carrying out) and other character (with renewed activity the advertising block is changed by the main screen)

Possibility to arrange the point of access Wi–Fi with SМS–authorization

Technical characteristics 

Operation conditions

Manufacturing version

Operating temperatures range

Relative himidity of air

street type

from -40 °C to +45 °C

not more than 98% at temperature +25°C

Enclosure protection degrees

Manufacturing version

To weather conditions influence

To enclosure mechanical damages influence

anti vandal

IP54 (for basic functional units)


Overall parameters

Net weight of assembled product

Overall dimensions of assembled product

250 kg

200х800х250 mm

Electro-technical parameters

Power supply voltage


Consumed power

220±22 V

50,0±0,5 GHz

not more than 1,6 kW

Basic modules

Communication line

1000BASE-TX, 1000BASE-X

Computer module 


Processor basic frequency

Main memory


System software

Operation system version

1xGigabit LAN 10/100/1000 Mb/s, 1xDVI-D, 1xVGA, 1xHDMI, 4xUSB 3.2 Gen1, 2xUSB 2.0

3,1 ГГц

DDR4 8 Гб

M.2 SSD volume 256 Gb


to be specified according to the Customer’s requirements

Touch screen module 

Size over display diagonal

Display resolution

Display brightness

Touch input technology

Matrix type

Number of simultaneously recognizable points of touch input

Accuracy of sensor input positioning

Time of sensor input response


1920х1080, Full HD

not less than 1000 cd/m²

projection–volume (PCAP)


not less than 2 pieces

not more than 10 mm

not more than 2 s

Video observation module 

Frontal camera

– Type

– Resolution

– Observation angle

Back camera

– Type

– Resolution

– Observation angle



1920х1080 (2.0МР)

not less than 60°


1920x1080 (2.0МР)

nor less than 60°

available, 1 piece

Acoustic module 
Acoustic generator:

– Output power of acoustic generator
– Bandwidth of acoustic generator


– Ratio signal/noise of microphones


1 piece for emergency call system

1 piece for realization of regular software functional

10 W



1 piece for emergency call system

1 piece for realization of regular software functional

-45±3 dB

Wi–Fi module 

Frequency range

Coverage radius

Authorization method

2400–2480, 5150–5350



Charging device module 

Support of Quick Charge 3.0 technology

Quantity of USB ports


4 pieces

Emergency communication module 

Services of emergency help*

Method of call

01, 02, 03, 101, 102, 103, 112

Mechanical button

Module of RGB–panel*



Light diodes step

full color


not more than 5 mm

Additional modules (module available at the Customer’s request)
Thermal printer module 

Type of printing

Width of paper

Print speed

Automatic cutter

direct thermal printing

80 mm

95 mm/s


Bar-codes scanner module

Support of 1D–codes

Support of 2D–codes

UPC, EAN, Code128, Code39, Code11, Code93

QR Code, MicroQR Code, Data Matrix, PDF417

Contactless payment module

Technology of wireless data transmission

Keyboard of PIN-code entry



Guarantee commitments

Service life in operation

Service life

1 year from the date of putting into operation

not less than 5 years with the account of carrying out of recovery works

*Selection of emergency services numbers, method of communication with emergency service are to be specified according to the Customer’s requirements.