Automated surface mounting

To provide for manufacture of products at present time our company is ready to propose 2 lines of surface mounting with total productivity up to 70 000 components/hour.

The lines of different configuration with various equipment allow to fulfill the orders from several pieces up to large series batches.

Possibilities of the equipment

The modern equipment allows to manufacture the electronic assemblies of high complexity degree and also has the following advantages that are positively reflected on the quality of products:

  • Line SMD №1 – with total productivity up to 43000 components/hour; Productivity as per IPC9850 (0603) is 20500 components/hour;
  • Accuracy of mounting (head FZ7) – 27 microns @ 1,00 Cpk (3 sigma)
  • Flexible production complex №2 – with total productivity up to 15390 components/hour (IPC: 12550 components/hour);                                     
  • Recording of temperature profile in the melting oven with the help of a temperature registrator for adjustment of technological process of every product soldering;
  • Automated washing of printed-circuit assemblies;
  • Automated application of drip-proof coatings;
  • X-ray control of the quality of soldering and components in BGA frames;
  • Automatic line of optical inspection. 

Manufactured products characteristics

Types of components to be installed
chips 0201, 01005, melf, electrolytic condensers, SO, PLCC, QFP, TSOP, BGA, μBGA, LGA, CSP, connectors and components of surface mounting of incorrect form
Maximum height of the component
34 mm
Maximum size of the printed circuit board
Thickness of the printed circuit board
minimum: 0.5 mm, maximum: 6 mm