ECO cardiographic disposable electrodes


The ECO cardiographic disposable electrodes are designed for reading electrocardiograms when used as part of any diagnostic electrocardiographs and ECG monitors, including for the Holters.


  • Connection to the cable is made through a standard "button"
  • Provide rapid readings after application to the skin
  • Gel with excellent adhesive property and conductivity is used.
  • Base material - Scanfoam foam 1 mm, sensor  – Аg/AgCl
  • Complies with the requirements of the international standard ANSI / AAMI Ec12
  • Provide long-term monitoring of ECG parameters
  • Do not cause irritation and damage to the skin of patients
  • Does not require additional skin treatment after removal of electrodes
  • Four versions: 26 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm in diameter