SLE 2000

SLE 2000 artificial lung ventilation apparatus for newborns


The SLE 2000 artificial lung ventilation apparatus is designed for controlled ventilation of the lungs in newborns and children in the process of resuscitation in the conditions of clinical hospitals, maternity hospitals, research institutes of the children's profile.

The unique technology used in the device eliminates the need for expiration valves, diaphragms and provides ventilation for patients weighing from 500 g to 20 kg.

The SLE 2000 artificial lung ventilation apparatus is a fan with pressure control and time switching (time-cyclic). The SLE 2000 artificial lung ventilation apparatus has all the necessary parameters for artificial ventilation in mature and premature neonates.

The apparatus provides support for the constant pressure wave form at all respiratory frequencies, has an alarm system, a built-in oxygen analyzer with a digital indicator and the option of exhaled gases filtering.


  • Constant pressure support at all frequencies
  • Providing exhaled gases filtration
  • Digital FiO2 display
  • Allows precise control of oxygen content in the mixture
  • Allows the use of gas mixtures of nitric oxide
  • Eliminates the possibility of spontaneous appearance of positive expiratory pressure (PEEP)
  • Eliminates the pneumatic effect
  • Feature of maintaining constant pressure waveform at all speeds
  • Emergency shutdown of high pressure
  • Additional mixed flow output
  • Standard of a similar waveform output
  • Selection of a square wave form or a slight lift
  • Ventilating the patient's lungs only by air from the compressor.


Ventilation Modes

  • Convection mandatory ventilation of lungs (CMV)
  • Patient-initiated lung ventilation (PTV)
  • Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV)
  • Support for breathing at constant positive pressure (CPAP), manual inhalation
  • Non-invasive ventilation with INCA CPAP


Ventilation Modes
  • controlled ventilation with controlled pressure (PCV) and switching to expiration by time
  • auxiliary ventilation (PTV, As/Cont)
  • synchronized periodic ventilation (SIMV)
  •  constant positive airway pressure (CPAP)
BRP (breathing rhythm)
1 - 125 (126 - 250 with the Z0004 option)
Maximum inhalation time
0.1 - 3.0 sec. (0.01 - 0.3 seconds with the Z0004 option)
Inhalation/expiration rate (I:E)
from 9.9: 1 to 1:99
Manual  inhalation
single breath in CPAP, CMV, PTV, SIMV modes
PTV Sensitivity
allowable maximum
Oxygen concentration
21 - 100% O2 ± 3%
Pressure in CPAP mode
0 - 15 mbar
Inhalation pressure
0 - 60 mbar
Alarm disabling for 60 seconds
Reset alarms
resets all alarms (excluding system errors)
Light indicators
green light, the network is on
System error
red signal, an error in the main processor
Backup Trigger
green signal - the machine provides breathing
Breathing frequency monitor
inhalations per minute
Inhalation time monitor
inhalation time
Breathing frequency monitor
inhalation /expiration value
Oxygen concentration
from 21 to 100%
from 0 to 62 mbar
Pressure is calibrated
from 0 to 60 mbar plus PEEP level
visual and intermittent sound signals
PIP / cycle error / low readings
visual and intermittent sound signals
Blockage of air or leakage
visual and intermittent sound signals
Loss of main power
battery powered, buzzer
Loss of air or oxygen supply
pneumatic, sounds from the blender
System error
visual and intermittent sound signals
Complete set, dimensions and weight
Input air and oxygen pressure
3 - 5 bar
100-120 V, 50/60 Hz; 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
20 VA
Circuit breakers
100-120 V = T500 mA 220-240 V = T200 mA
Class I Type B
Dimensions, only the apparatus
370mm (L) x 310mm (H) x 320mm (W)
Rack height
10 kg