BONNY Neonatal mobile incubator



The incubator provides microclimate and safety conditions for neonates (with weight from 1 to 6 kg) during transportation within medical institution or by means of sanitary transport.

It can serve as an alternative to transport incubator.


  • mobile, compact, light body
  • protection from cold, noise, vibration
  • operated by the user microclimate inside the incubator
  • resistance of the incubator to conditions of low ambient temperatures
  • possibility of power supply from the accumulator, the transport means mains
  • in accordance with international safety standards at transportation


  • Built-in illumination for inspection
  • Built-in ventilator for heat convection inside the incubator and breathed out gases extraction
  • Transforming straps for shoulder, manual carrying and fixation to transport trolley
  • Ports for connection of ventilator, syringe dosimeter, oxygen therapy equipment

Information value

  • System of the set and actual parameters indication:

- body temperature (T)

- oxygen saturation (SpO2)

- heart rate (HR)

  • Photoplethysmogram in the real-time mode
  • Audible, light and information signaling with messages display

Technical specifications

Temperature regulation

Operation modesMode of preliminary warming up
Basic mode
Range of regulation temperature setting by the skin temperature sensor of contact surfacefrom 35,0 to 39,0 °C
Time of readiness of the incubator for operation, after pressing the switching on buttonnot more than 5 sec
Time of operation in the preliminary warming up modenot more than 20 min

Pulse oximetry

Range of measurement and values display SpO2from 40 to 100%
Range of heart rate values measurement and displayfrom 30 to 300 beats/min


Type of displaycolor TFT
Resolution320х240 pixel

Power supply units

Voltage110-250 V
50-60 Hz
Power consumptionnot more than 150 VA
Time of autonomous operation from the built-in accumulator at full charge (due to ambient temperature from -20 to +30°C)not less than 4-8 h
Time of full charge of the built-in accumulator from electric mains
not more than 6 h

Delivery set

Mattress in hood (1 pc.)Базовая
Small strap (2 pcs.)Basic
Skin temperature sensor (2 pcs.)Basic
Strap (2 pcs.)Basic
Strap cover (1 pc.)Basic
End strap (1 pc.)Basic
Power supply cable (mains 220 V) (1 pc.)Basic
Adapter, Mean Well (1 pc.)Basic
Pulse oximetry sensor (neonatal/pediatric)Additional
Set of bandages (neonatal/pediatric) (25 pcs.)Additional
Set of protective filters FF60, EBMPAPST (10 pcs.)Additional
Transport ventilatorAdditional