Open resuscitation system for neonates


The ORS-BONO system is intended for carrying out of resuscitation activities, treatment and nursing of neonates, including premature infants, in maternity hospitals, pathology sections, intensive therapy and resuscitation wards. Application of the system allows to decrease period of neonates treatment and nursing and reduce percentage of diseases and complications, connected with jaundice.

“ORS-BONO” can be also applied as the main or additional heating source, for carrying out of breathing therapy without intubation and hyperbilirubinemia treatment.


  • 2 methods of phototherapy time setting: CLOCK, TIMER (time countdown)
  • 2 modes of phototherapy intensity and heating power
  • Adjustment of IR heater intensity by patient’s skin
  • Illumination of infant bed
  • Pneumatic unit of respiratory support with two non-invasive operation modes “nCPAP”, “RESUSCITATION”
  • O2 concentration measurement in gas mixture, delivered to the patient, with oxygen sensor automatic calibration
  • Infant bed rotation about its axis on 360º, adjustment of height and tilt
  • Patient bed is equipped with removable tray for X-ray cassette installation
  • Breathing mixtures humidifier is included in composition of the product
  • Module “Apgar-timer” (at option)
  • Delivery set includes: instrument table, circuits holder, infusion pole, big compartment for different reservoirs and accessories storage
  • Operation from built-in rechargeable battery up to 60 min.
  • Multifunctional integrated audible and visual signaling as per GOST IEC 60601-1-8-2011


Technical specifications

IR heating
Modes of operation with IR heating
  • Mode of preliminary heating
  • Manual mode
  • Automatic mode
Level of irradiance at any point of working field in the nearest area of infrared range of spectrum (from 760 to 1400 nm)
up to 10 mW/cm2
Level of intensity of radiation in the mode of preliminary heating at any point of infant bed
15 mW/cm2
Level of radiation in the manual mode at any point of the infant bed surface:

1. with connected skin temperature sensor
          (main and/or additional):
  •   main range
  •   additional range

2. without connected skin temperature sensors 

from 0 to 10 mW/cm(from 0 % to 33 %)
from 10 to 30 mW/cm(from 33 % to 100 %)

up to 10 mW/cm(not more than 33 %)
Range of temperature adjustment in automatic mode with discreteness 0,1 °C
from 30,0 to 38,0 °C
Breathing therapy

Modes of breathing therapy operation
Automatic calibration of oxygen sensorprovided
Concentration of oxygen in oxygen-air mixture is adjusted within the rangefrom 21 to 100 %
Adjusted range of pressure:
  • «nCPAP»
from 5 to 50 cm Hg
from 0 to 20 cm Hg
Blocking of oxygen-air mixture supply:
  • «nCPAP»
with 55 cm Hg
with 25 cm Hg
Intensity of radiation for bilirubin:
  • Level 1
  • Level 2

3800 ± 700 mcW/cm2
1900 ± 400 mcW/cm2
Average value of spectral density of radiation intensity on infant mattress in the center of effective radiation area:
  • Level 1
  • Level 2

36 mcW/(cm·nm)
18 mcW/(cm·nm)

Maximum angle of infant bed inclination10°
Value of lifting mechanism travel200 mm
Illumination in the mattress center1000 lux
Duration of breathing therapy modes operation from the built-in storage-batterynot less than 60 min
Class of safetyIIb
Overall dimensions2130 x 1550 x 800 mm
(with upper position of the pole)