The Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant is famous for its high-end geodetic instruments, including the electronic theodolite. These instruments ideally accurately measure horizontal and vertical angles, zenith distances. Electronic  theodolites are superior to other optical devices for a number of properties.

One of the priority areas of UOMZ is the production of optical equipment, such as optical leveling units. UOMZ leveling units are in demand in a variety of areas - from the construction and installation of precision equipment to the creation of state level networks.

Each leveling unit produced by UOMZ can boast of excellent optics, which allows to work comfortably in any light and with direct image. Depending on the model, the telescope can be enlarged from 20 to 30 times. Many models of UOMZ optical levels are equipped with a compensator, which allows to improve the quality of measurements and reduce the time of production.

Improved guidance system allows you to work comfortably with the instrument. Comfortable rubberized handles and a two-sided screw system guarantee ease of use. Numerous tests and extensive experience in the field allowed UOMZ to create unique geodetic instruments capable of reliably operating under the most severe weather and climate conditions.

High-precision equipment manufactured by UOMZ is unique and often has no analogues. No wonder the plant's products are appreciated by surveyors of the whole world, as evidenced by the supply of UOMZ equipment to 75 countries. The UOMZ's optical leveling unit is a guarantee of obtaining a qualitative result at an affordable price.