DS7-33 road traffic light


Road traffic light is designed to regulate the movement of vehicles.

As the light source, light-emitting LEDs are used in traffic lights, which allows to reduce power consumption and provide a long service life.

The traffic light in the basic version has three sections connected vertically: red, yellow and green signals. The design of the traffic light allows additional side components (components and brackets for them are available on request) to be connected horizontally to the base part.

The section of the yellow signal is combined with a three-segment time readout indicator to inform the road users of the time remaining until the green and red traffic lights go out (using the colour of the digits corresponding to the colour of the signal).

The program of the indicator is built in such a way that, when switched on, it automatically measures the traffic light time (red and green) for three cycles and for the fourth cycle it displays the remaining time of the signal lighting. During the time display, the indicator automatically monitors the traffic lights time, and if this time starts to differ from cycle to cycle by more than 0.5 seconds, the time indication automatically turns off for safety reasons.

The traffic light housing is made of a shock-resistant polymer material resistant to UV radiation.

The traffic light is manufactured in the UKhL climatic version, category 1 according to GOST R 52282-2004.


  • Simplicity and convenience in operation
  • Repairability
  • Glass and housing made of impact-resistant material - polycarbonate
  • It withstands the temperature difference without changing the lighting properties
  • Absence of phantom effect
  • Energy saving
  • indication of the remaining time until the traffic lights go out
  • three-segment time indicator
  • Flat housing
  • Works with any type of controllers
  • Long service life

Type of light source

Light emitting diodes

Installation and maintenance 

The traffic light is fixed to the support on the brackets included in the kit


Supply voltage, V
Frequency of mains, Hz
50 ± 0,5
Power consumption of one component, W, below
Axial force of light, cd, above
  • for yellow signal
  • for red and green signals.
Diameter of light aperture
300 mm
Overall dimensions, mm, below
Weight, kg, below
  • one component
Operating temperature range, °С
from -40ºС to +60ºС
Degree of protection
Service life
10 years