Heat-insulated chamber

The heat-insulated collection chamber is intended for storing blood preparations and components, test systems, pharmaceutical preparations and reagents.

Key technical solutions and advantages

  • The chambers are designed taking into account all the requests of the customer
  • Use of air heat-insulated curtains
  • Original racking designs allowing to transform and increase capacity
  • Containers for storing frozen products of the original design allowing to put the movable handles inside the container that contributes to a more compact arrangement on the rack (for imported analogs, the handles are fixed rigidly or completely absent)
  • The automatic devices of the refrigerating machine allow to maintain the preset temperature in the refrigerating chamber day and night, to defrost the air cooler and to stop the machine if necessary
  • The containers are made of stainless steel that allows them to freely withstand temperature drops of more than 50°С
  • All the chambers are equipped with full winter equipment and the most advanced automation
  • The equipment is fully automated, it uses ecologically-friendly refrigerant agents, reliably and economically
  • Prompt service maintenance in the entire territory of the Russian Federation
  • The chamber is a product of medical equipment and properly registered by the Federal Service for Supervision in Healthcare and Social Development as well as has all the relevant certificates

Brief technical characteristics 

Set of design

– heat-insulated panels
– door block
– set of mounting and fastening parts

Size of chamber*

from 2300х2150х2600h mm

Storage volume of blood components

from 500l to unlimited

Options of operating temperature ranges**

1. from -40°С to 0°С
2. from 0°С to +4°С

Range of manual temperature control

from 0°С to -50°С or from 0°С to +12°С