Laser interferential microscope for biomedical investigations 


МIМ-N represents a laser interferential microscope operating in transmitted light. It is equipped with a channel of fluorescent images registration and a culture chamber to maintain viability of objects under investigation. МIМ-N is intended to investigate micro morphology of native uncolored and unfixed preparations in real time (blood cells, tissues, bacteria) with extra high spatial resolution.


  • Extra high spatial resolution (up to 0,1 nm in vertical and up to 100 nm in plane of the object)
  • Display of quantitative characteristics about optical properties of the cell on the monitor
  • Possibility to investigate objects in dynamics
  • Easiness of samples preparation and absence of necessity to use expensive reagents and coloring agents
  • Additional channel of fluorescent images registration
  • Culture chamber to maintain viability of objects under investigation
  • Control panel ensures maximum convenience of microscope settings control

Fields of application 

  • Analysis of phase micro morphology of living uncolored cells in real time with spatial extra resolution
  • Express evaluation of medicinal drugs efficiency
  • New methods of materials and coatings biocompatibility evaluation
  • Unique function of cells nano dynamics analysis for investigation of intracellular processes
  • New methods of tumor cells study (including apoptosis)
  • Increase of efficiency of fungal pathogen spores viability evaluation

Technical characteristics 

Main working lens


Field of view in navigational channel

400 μm

Field of view in interferential channel

35 μm

Wavelength in fluorescent channel

765 nm

Working wavelength

0,632 μm

Resolution in vertical

not less than 0,5 nm


not more than 70 kg

468х348х459 mm