Shvabe Opto-Electronics (Meizhou) Co., LTD

Shvabe Opto-Electronics (Meizhou) Co., LTD performs development and serial production of optical and laser systems, medical equipment, engineering products and geodetic instrument. The key activity of the enterprise is the production of lighting equipment: energy efficient LED lamps for office and home, street and industrial lamps, LED lamps and other products aimed at improving energy efficiency.

The enterprise interacts with various Chinese manufacturers to provide its own production with the necessary components. Moreover, Shvabe Opto-Electronics (Meizhou) Co., LTD supplies the Russian companies of the Shvabe Group and other partner organizations with quality products and components at a competitive price.

 The company has a well-established partner network. For several years, it has been successfully cooperating with organizations from China, Russia, CIS countries and the South Asian region, supplying products for equipping medical institutions, office buildings, hotels, shopping Centres, mines and quarries, gas stations and car dealerships. The company's partners are hundreds of companies around the world

China, 514000, Meizhou City, Guangzhou (Meizhou) Industrial Park

+86 (753) 248-68-18

+86 186 7535 7725

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